Social Distancing

Exodus Community: a Social Distancing, Training & Support Network


EC – Exodus Community Member
SD – Social Distancing
CDP – COVID19 Delivery Person
CDK – COVID19 Decontamination Kit
UPTP – Universal Precautions Training Program
SQPE – Self Quarantine Possibly Exposed
SQK – Self Quarantine Kit
ECC – Exodus Community Coordinator
SQE – Self Quarantine Exposed
CMP – Certified Medical Professional
IAH – Infected At Home Care
ECCMB – Exodus Community Coordinator Medical Background
EMT – Emergency Medical Technician
IECM – Infected E
CTT – COVID19 Certified Transportation Team

Social Distancing and Self Quarantining

Over the next some days and weeks as institutions, organizations and community services shut down, close completely or minimize, people will be spending more time at home, become isolated, and need various services to stay in touch with their communities, receive deliveries of food and other household products, continue to pay for and receive utilities and have access to important health related information. I see 5 categories currently. There may be more:

  1. social distancing (not exposed)
  2. self-quarantining (possibly exposed)
  3. self-quarantining (exposed)
  4. infected (at home care)
  5. infected (transportation to hospital)

Category 1 Social Distancing – Not Exposed (SD)

 These people will use apps to order products which will need to be a) delivered by COVID19 certified delivery agents, or b) they will need to be trained in Universal Precautions and have the necessary products to disinfect any received goods.

 In the first scenario a) EC will need to coordinate with certified COVID19 Delivery Persons (CDP), get them the necessary training to become COVID19 trained in universal protocols, acquire the necessary equipment and make arrangements with producers for products to be picked up. These arrangements will only be necessary for producers that haven’t made arrangements already with services like Door Dash, Instacart, Peapod or other apps.

In the second scenario b) EC will assemble COVID19 disinfection kits (CDK), a Universal Precautions training program (UPTP)  and work with members to receive the training on how to disinfect any delivery and how to order and take delivery of CDK.

NEEDS: Universal Precautions training, CDK for each member, kit delivery

Category 2 Self-quarantining – Possibly Exposed) (SQPE)

(See 1)

EC Members who are self-quarantining in category 2 will need self-quarantining training.  (Introduction video by health professional or trained supervisor, individual videos walking EC through each of the SQ steps)

CDK and training on how to use them will need to be delivered to SQ EC members by CDP.

SQ EC Members will be required to post daily temperature/symptom charts to (some website, health portal for privacy or community/centralized location or forum – TBD) 

If they become ill, they will move to Category 3.  If they reach the end of the SQ period and have received permission from their doctor to move back to Category 1.

NEEDS: Universal Precautions introduction video, SQ Step by step videos (tbd), Self-quarantine Kit (SQK) – different from CDK because it includes products to seal off rooms, and instructions on how to separate themselves from people, animals, etc). Delivery of SQK ty certified delivery personnel, training on how to take temperature, track symptoms and post them (maybe a website template or an app?).  Follow up with an EC Coordinator ECC)

Category 3 Self-quarantining (exposed but no symptoms) (SQE)

(See 1 and 2)

Category 3 is a medical holding pattern that will require more social interaction by the EC community.  Assigned volunteer members will receive some medical/social training by a trained professional to become “EC Coordinators” (ECC).  They will check in with SQE on pre-determined times through social media and/or apps (such as Slack, Messenger) and visually inspect the SQE, ask questions relating to their symptoms, review symptom chart with them.

If they start experiencing symptoms, they will need to be tested for COVID19 by a certified medical professional (CMP)  (to be determined).  If positive, they will move to Category 4 (infected at home care – IAH).  If they reach the end of the SQ and have received permission from their doctor, they will move back to Category 1 after checking in with a volunteer EC coordinator.

NEEDS: ECCs, determine the social apps used for communicating and training on what to do next (track symptoms online, work with ECC’s, report to GP), ECC’s will need training to know when to recommend COVID19 testing and make arrangements for that test to be done.

Exodus Community: a Social Distancing, Training & Support Network in the era of COVID19

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